COVID-19 Gender equality Podcast

Podcast! A gender gap of pandemic proportions

I am super excited that I got to join Yumi Stynes on an episode of Ladies We Need to Talk  “A Pandemic of Epic Proportions” 

 You can listen here

[Published 19 May 2020]

From the Ladies We Need to Chat Episode guide:

Guess who is way worse off in pandemics? Yup — women. While we’re leading the charge on the frontline by slogging away in jobs like nursing, teaching and aged care, our purses are copping a flogging now and into the future. More women than men have lost their jobs during this crisis and there are no prizes for picking who does the lion’s share of home-schooling. COVID-19 is creating a gendered storm of pandemic proportions (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves).

The good news is, other women are the ones helping us through this crisis. Gender inclusion commentator, Amy Haddad, says we have some very finely honed skills in just shovelling through shit. And, you know, we just keep on shovelling

Thanks to Yumi and the team, and to the ABC for the chance to join in.